Lottery angels give away winnings

Lottery angels give away winnings

Contrary to what one might believe, according to National Lottery millionaires the best thing about their win is not the lifestyle it buys, but rather the happiness from sharing the winnings with others.

Research reveals that sharing with friends, family and charity remains their top priority, and almost half say that it is the sharing of the win that has given them the most happiness.

Here are four examples of some true lottery angels, giving away part – or all – of their winnings:

Lotto Angel gives away two thirds of win
In 2000, couple Ray and Barbara Wragg won around £5.5 million. Over the next 18 years, it is estimated that they gave away as much as two thirds of their win. Barbara, also called the Lotto Angel, said the money was too much for two people; “As soon as we knew we’d won we made our decision to give much of it away.”

Lottery winner giving her winnings away
Rachel Lapierre has won more than most can only dream of, $1,000 a week for life. The winner, from Montreal, Canada, is now giving it all away. She admits; “It’s nice to have a new car, a new home, a new everything. It can really be fun but you don’t need that to be happy.”

Lottery winner donates £600,000 to youth academy
Colin Weir and his wife Christine won £161m on the Euromillions in 2011 and handed Partick Thistle a £600,000 donation for their youth academy. Weir says; ” I hear regularly what’s happening at the academy and this donation should signal that I continue to be impressed with what’s being achieved, at all levels.”

Lottery winner donated £1m to MS therapy centre
Last year Peter Congdon, from Cornwall, donated £1m of his £13.5m winnings to Cornwall’s only MS therapy centre to fund a hydrotherapy pool as a lasting tribute to his wife, Rosemary. Peter cared for Rosemary who had Multiple Sclerosis for more than 30 years.


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