Why you should play with SuperLottoClub & in a syndicate

Perhaps you always buy your lottery tickets at the local grocery store and always play by yourself because that is how you have done it for years. But did you know there is a much smarter way to play? A way that is both easier and increases your chances of winning! We call that a total win-win.

So what’s our way, you ask. Well, let us tell you: playing in an online syndicate.

First off, what is a syndicate? Let’s enlighten you if you don’t already know what a syndicate is. A syndicate consists of a group of people who play the lottery together. Quite simple, right? This allows the syndicate to buy a number of tickets at a shared cost and then split the prizes won. Easy peasy.

A syndicate can be made up by family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours or online. No matter how you decide to make up your syndicate, the goal is the same; to join forces for a better chance of winning.

Playing the lottery as a part of a syndicate boosts your chances of winning, because you own a share of a large number of tickets than you normally would if you played by yourself. Any prizes that are won are shared between the members of the syndicate meaning several people can become winners in one go.

Oh, and it is estimated that one in five top prizes in UK lottery games are won by syndicates. Really, you have no reason NOT to play the lottery as a part of a syndicate!

So you’ve got no family members, friends or colleagues that are interested in joining your syndicate? No problem at all! You just join an online syndicate!

At SuperLottoClub everything is done online, and you can easily join a syndicate. When you play a collection of tickets bets with other SuperLottoClub members, you multiply you chances of winning the jackpot. So you, quite simply, just join a syndicate with some of the many other SuperLottoClub members. They will be thrilled to have you in their syndicate!

But why choose us? Well first of all it’s easy because everything is online and you can easily join a syndicate! Secondly, we combine two things: betting on the outcome of lotteries, and betting in syndicates.

We match the prizes of each tier, including the jackpot, that the official lottery operators pay out, as if you had won with an official lottery ticket. Let’s say you bet on the MegaMillion jackpot and guess the numbers that are drawn. SuperLottoClub – not the official MegaMillion operator – will pay you the prize money.

You might be thinking, well, that all sounds great but how is that even possible? Let us explain. It’s possible for us to pay such high jackpot amounts because of our insurance-based business model. The model enables SuperLottoClub to offer their players the ability to win huge jackpots, offered by official lottery operators, from all over the world. So don’t worry about not getting your money if you win.

We are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and, in order for us to retain this license, we have to prove that we are able to make the required payments to our players when they win. This means you can trust playing with is 100%.

Good luck!

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