Top Lottery Syndicate Winners

With one in every three lottery jackpot won by a lottery syndicate it comes as no surprise that there has been a huge demand for lottery syndicates in recent years. But what exactly is a lottery syndicate?

Lottery syndicates is a team of players who pool their money to buy lottery tickets together. It probably comes as no surprise that the odds of winning the lottery are small, but by playing in a syndicate you increase those chances and you actually maximize your chances by playing as a group.

These are some of the top lottery syndicate winners of all time:

‘Three Amigos’ syndicate Record-Breaking Win

The ‘Three Amigos’ was a lottery syndicate who won a third of the record-breaking Mega Millions $656 million jackpot! We do not know very much about this small syndicate. We know they worked in the Maryland education system and bought 60 lottery tickets in March 2012. Each member only had to pay $20 each and ended up taking home a third of the $218.6 million prize!

‘Oceans 16’ Syndicate lands $448M Powerball jackpot

‘Ocean’s 16’ was a syndicate of 16 employees of New Jersey’s Ocean County Department of Vehicle Services. They won a share of a $448 million US Powerball jackpot. The draw had three winning tickets so the ‘Ocean’s 16’ ended up taking $149 million! After taxes each member got to take home $3.8 million! Not bad, huh?

Dublin syndicate wins €86.7 million on the EuroMillions

In September 2014, a group of Irish lottery players bought a bunch of tickets and won €86.7 million in the EuroMillions lottery! The syndicate stayed anonymous so we don’t know much about them. The only thing we know is that the ticket was purchased in Dublin.

The twelve bus drivers

A group of 12 bus drivers from Corby, UK won £38 million on the Euromillions in September 2014. When they realised they would each get £3.1 million, they decided going in for a long day of ferrying the public was not very appealing!

UK’s Tesco Syndicate

15 female Tesco workers changed their financial fortune when their syndicate won £3.6 million on the UK National Lottery. Jackie Beresford, one of the members, claims she visited a psychic before the win who told her that she would come into a large sum of money. Each member got to take home £245,996.

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